The new innovation to distance Kali training. We have multiple options to best fit your training needs. 

  • The APEX Basic Course takes you through the ABC's or complete fundamentals of flow and application by a fast tracked step-by-step progressive training curriculum.Build your foundation through a series of solo drills, partner drills and the various unique sparring methods used at Kali Center

  • APEX ULTIMATE PACKAGE includes all the training courses and programs within our online school. We'll also be adding any new training programs as they are created. At a super saver get everything we offer.

  • APEX Advanced Coaching is our program that literally goes the extra mile for our worldwide students. This is additional training and services including our continuum video library, exclusive weekly video lessons, access to our Kali Athletics program and 1-on-1 online private video sessions with your coach. Other great bonuses and peaks included. Scroll down and click to learn more about this option. If you'd like to add this option to the APEX Ultimate Package, contact us today at KaliCenter.com so we can get you properly set up.