Why Choose Kali Center's Leadership Program?

Kali Center is an established brand built on the backbone of trust and reliability as a resource for Kali Martial Arts. This gives our chapter leaders instant worldwide credibility through the support of the Kali Center brand.

This Program Includes

Kali Center Official Chapter Leadership Program gives our leaders the training and support to run a successful Kali Center Chapter

  • Leadership Training Course which includes exclusive Kali training lessons and teacher's curriculum manual, teaching mentorship and Chapter business training

  • Access our Leaders Slack app channels for direct communications

  • Access to private video coaching in training, teaching and business mentorship

  • Permission of promotional use of Kali Center Chapter branding - Kali Center name and logo on websites, social media and local promotions

  • Your name, chapter location and contact will be added to our Chapter Leaders index

  • Access to entire Kali Center Online School

  • 10% Trigonal Gear store discount

  • Kali Center Online School sales affiliate links and paid commissions for programs and courses sold through your links

  • Invite to our Annual Leaders Conference (No extra cost, this is Included in Leadership Program fee)

  • Chapter leader promotions across Kali Center's main YouTube and social media channels

  • Direct Communications

    Leaders are added to our communications channels on our Slack app to ask questions and discuss any chapter topics including training, teaching mentorship and business areas such as marketing, pricing and sales. We want our Chapter Leaders to have the best support at being successful.

  • Leadership Freedoms

    Leaders are free to operate their Kali Center chapters to any scale. Keep your chapter a small intimate training group or scale to as many students as you wish. Kali Center only charges the Leadership Program fee and does not take any percentage from your Chapter work. Leaders keep 100% earned from their classes and events.

  • Chapter Exclusivity

    Kali Center keeps chapter exclusivity by allowing just ONE Chapter Leader per 30 mile radius area. This gives Kali Center Leaders exclusivity to their local areas to avoid Chapter collision and competition. Each Leader is listed with name, location and contact info on our Chapter index.

Membership Pricing

Membership options are monthly or yearly

$150 / month
Monthly Membership
$1600 / year
Yearly Membership 10% Discount
Kali Center's Chapter Leadership is a great offer which provides opportunity for great Kali training, teaching and a source of revenue. Due to our Chapter exclusivity we have to check to make sure your location does not already have a chapter leader and that the position is available for your location.
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Hear from current Chapter Leaders

“Being a chapter leader for Kali Center has been the best experience. I began teaching the material in 2017. IF it wasn't for Paul Ingram giving me the opportunity to teach and believing in me, I would still be working at my day job. I have had dozens of students come through and are currently paying me $100 per month. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for the chapter leaders.”

Pensacola, FL Chapter

Will Renfroe

“Since I signed up to be a chapter leader for Kali Center it has flipped the script on my life. I've learned so much from instructing this very progressive system. Hosting events with top Kali Center practitioners have not only been eye openers but has made me decent revenue as well! Simply the best Kali training and offer there is!”